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What to expect...

When you show up for your appointment, you can expect to be greeted and welcomed into a comfortable, safe, serene environment. It's a good idea to disclose any medical conditions or diseases that may impact the quality of your massage, or that your massage might affect. It is always good to show up about 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We will take some time to discuss some of the additional techniques I will employ as a part of the treatment plan. You will be given privacy to undress and situate yourself onto the table. During the massage, if you ever feel any pain or discomfort, immediately let your therapist know. After your massage due to an abundant increase of blood circulation, you may experience a floaty sensation, elevated mood, a state of deep relaxation, improved function/mobility/range of motion, and some pain and tension relief.  You might experience a little bit of muscle soreness the next day-- this is all normal, as it is the effect of muscles being stretched and worked. It is also best to avoid any sort of crypto-therapy activities immediately after massage, as it restricts blood flow and shrinks tissue-- which can nullify some of the positive results of your massage therapy treatment.

In regards to attire, I highly recommend coming in sporting underwear to wear throughout the session, as the necessity of needing to cover up for privacy with the sheets can limit/make it more difficult to perform some of the stretching and extra techniques I like to employ during massaging.

Why deep tissue?

While I work to tailor each massage according to each individual's needs/wants, I strongly emphasize on deep tissue. I tend to stay away from the foo-foo, frilly work that most therapists provide because deep tissue is more therapeutic and healing in nature. I will employ the use of many techniques such as a theragun, swedish massage, effleurage, stretching, etc, as needed throughout the massage. But to really be able to dig into those muscles, finding the knots and un-knotting them, finding the tight muscles and loosening them, finding those points deep into the muscles that need to be pinned and released-- really getting into the deep layers that are hardly ever known of and given the care they desperately need. That's what I live for; I believe healing begins from the depths. 

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