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My name is Greg Nelson. I graduated top of my class at Inland Massage Institute in 2017 in Spokane, Washington. I immediately began my career afterward in massage therapy, and am still eagerly practicing. I am constantly growing in my skill/knowledge of therapeutic massage therapy, so that I might better help people.

I specialize in deep tissue therapy, which constitutes of a far deeper pressure of massage, resulting in improved blood circulation, improved functioning of the muscles, as well as pain relief. I implement the use of other different massage techniques such as Temporomandibular (TMJ) treatment, Myofascial release, Pressure point, and Swedish massage therapy. These techniques aid in opening and lengthening fascial (connective tissue) pathways, releasing shortened muscles, and warming the tissue and flushing out toxins. My goal with every client isn't simply to just make them feel relaxed on the table, but to mediate true healing-- working away at the knotted and tight fibers of the muscles to access the deeper layers that affect circulation and mobility, in order to bring about more comfort and improve overall functionality. 

In addition to my massage practices, I sometimes, if necessary, apply the use of a percussion instrument, which creates tone in the muscle and helps break up adhesions, creating better blood flow. I also employ the use of an FDA approved, class-2 medical device called BEMER (Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation). A BEMER session is included with every massage. I believe that this device, coupled with deep tissue therapy, creates the ultimate potential for proper blood flow through micro circulation, in order to amplify true restoration. Please ask me about BEMER if you would like more information, or check out my "BEMER" page. 

You can also check out my reviews here!


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