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My name is Greg Nelson. I moved my adoring wife and  three beautiful children to Austin Texas from my hometown of Whidbey Island, Washington in August of 2023. I specialize in deep tissue massage therapy. My focus in bodywork starts with identifying the shortened (tight) muscles. I begin by relaxing the area(s) of concern. I will use a variety of approaches and techniques to then release the short muscles and trigger points. I’ll look at the opposing muscle groups (antagonist muscles) which depending on what they'll need I’ll use myofascial release to create space or crossfiber to tone the weak muscles. I work differently depending on the clients goals and preferences. I range from a light touch to the pressure that “hurts so good”. I’ll implement pin and stretch, contract and relax, active stretch and pressure point holds to lengthen determined muscles. The main purpose of this work is to offer freedom from pain by bringing the body into homeostasis and balance. My passion for this work stems from my own personal experience with chronic pain and tightness. I’m constantly learning  how to overcome a life of dysfunctional movement patterns, limited range of motion and chronic pain. The constant journey in this body in day to day life keeps me learning new strategies and techniques to pass on to my clients.  This approach to bodywork provides enhancements in functional movement patterns so you can  continue living without pain and to enjoy the activities that keep life fun.  In addition to my massage practices,  I also employ the use of an FDA approved, class-2 medical device called BEMER (Bio-electric magnetic energy regulation). I believe that this device coupled with deep tissue therapy creates the ultimate potential of proper blood flow through micro circulation, therefore, true healing. Please ask me about the BEMER if you need more information, or check out the link on my page. Please ask me about BEMER if you would like more information, or check out my "BEMER" page. 

You can also check out my reviews here!


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